The Can Tho Bridge is a vital artery connecting Can Tho City to the Mekong Delta. Over time, the constant heavy traffic load and exposure to the elements can cause wear and tear on any bridge. Recognizing this potential issue, the Can Tho government enlisted our firm to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Can Tho Bridge's structural health and develop a strategic rehabilitation plan.

Our team of engineers and construction specialists meticulously examined the bridge, employing cutting-edge technologies like non-destructive testing to identify areas requiring attention. We analyzed the data to determine the optimal course of action, balancing the need for repairs with minimizing traffic disruptions and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

broken brown concrete bridge
broken brown concrete bridge

The successful completion of the Can Tho Bridge Rehabilitation Project extended the bridge's lifespan, improved its structural integrity, and guaranteed the continued smooth flow of traffic for years to come.


Our proposed rehabilitation plan included solutions for:

  • Strengthening bridge piers and support structures: This might involve reinforcing concrete pilings or replacing aging steel components.

  • Upgrading the bridge deck: This could entail resurfacing the road surface with durable materials or replacing expansion joints to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

  • Enhancing corrosion protection: We might recommend treatments or coatings to safeguard the bridge's steel elements from further deterioration caused by weather or saltwater exposure.