The Tra Vinh Provincial Hospital stands as a crucial healthcare hub serving the residents of Tra Vinh province and surrounding areas. Nowadays, advancements in medical technology, and evolving healthcare standards, caused a pressing need to modernize the facilities to meet the growing demands and ensure optimal patient care. Therefore, the Tra Vinh provincial government entered a modernization project in collaboration with our firm.

We assessed every aspect of the hospital's infrastructure, functionality, and capacity and conducted thorough analyses to identify areas for improvement and develop a strategic modernization plan tailored to the unique needs of Tra Vinh Provincial Hospital.

The project upgrades the Tra Vinh Provincial Hospital to a modern healthcare institution, prioritizing the wellbeing and health outcomes of the local community through enhanced facilities, advanced medical technologies, and improved access to specialized care services.


The proposed modernization plan encompassed a wide range of solutions aimed at enhancing the hospital's capabilities and efficiency, including:

  • Infrastructure upgrades: Renovate and expand existing buildings to accommodate specialized treatment areas

  • Capacity building: Recruit additional healthcare professionals, including advice on effective leadership and management training

  • Patient-centric design: Redesign patient rooms, waiting areas, and outpatient facilities to prioritize comfort, privacy, and accessibility